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Do it All
Clean, deodorize and fight bacteria naturally with essential oils of tea tree, lavender and bergamot, and then leave your feet softened with aloe vera. Right? So it's a plan then.

Did You Know?
Soaking softens the nails, making cutting a lot easier. Always cut straight across, as rounding the corners can cause those ingrown nasties. And you really don't want those.
Stomp Stomp
Your feet walk thousands of steps a day. They are squashed into shoes, bumped into table legs, and stubbed against curbs and sidewalks. A little comfort wouldn't hurt them for once. Use it in the water of a foot soaking bowl, or neat on a wet sponge or scrubbie.
Ingredients (hover mouse over blue links for more info):
Water, saponified organic oils of coconut, olive and jojoba. Organic guar gum, rosemary oleoresin, organic aloe vera & glycerin. Essential oil blend including tea tree, bergamot and lavender.

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